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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Was Kim Zolciak Really Evicted? She Sets the Record Straight!

There have been plenty of things said about Kim Zolciak’s sudden move from her “dream home” (which she was actually renting from Kendra and Antonio Davis), but she want’s everyone to get one thing straight: her family was not evicted from the McMansion.

In one of her last blogs of her career on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim drives that point home yet again. “We were not EVICTED! We ALWAYS paid our rent. Our lease was up; it’s that simple,” she declares.

And in a direct response to what some of the other Housewives have been saying about Kim’s housing situation, she writes, “Yes, Kandi, NeNe, and Cynthia, it was once my ‘dream home’ and my credit has NOTHING to do with me moving. I'm blessed to have never had trouble financially unlike some of the other girls, but they can make whatever comments they'd like.”

Get it, Kim! And with her new spin-off, we’re sure Mrs. Biermann isn’t exactly shaking in her Louboutins. In fact, her new home — which is currently under construction — is larger than the Davis’s house.

“Yes, leaving the house we leased wasn't the plan; after all I married my husband in that home, but God CLEARLY had a bigger and better plan... Our NEW home,” Kim concludes.

Are you excited to see her new home when it’s all finished? Tell us below!


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