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Jersey Shore

Why Hasn’t The Situation Met Snooki’s Baby Yet? (VIDEO)

Snooki, JWOWW, Sammi Sweetheart, and Deena Nicole all got gussied up for a live appearance on Watch What Happens Live last night (November 28), and the four meatballs did not disappoint when it came to spilling little nuggets of new Jersey Shore gossip.

Perhaps the biggest piece of news came from Snooks, who was asked whether The Situation has gotten to meet her baby Lorenzo yet or not.

“No,” she said blithely before explaining, “We’re good. You’re going to see throughout the episode, we patched things up but we’re good … we’re friends, but we’re not going to be like best friends like we were.”

Guess we shouldn't expect to see Sitch nuzzled up to Lorenzo in any of Snooki’s proud pics anytime soon, huh?

Meanwhile, Sammi confirmed that she and Ronnie are living together and said that the situation is so far, so good.

“Me and Ron actually live together now and things are going great,” she explained, though she did admit the two still get comparisons to Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa and Joe Gorga now and again.

Lastly, all four gals agreed that the Jersey Shore star who’s got the biggest gobs of cash these days is Pauly D. Apparently, he’s a “hustler” and knows how to work it with his DJ-ing bookings. Go Pauly!

Watch the vids below for more from these four on the Jersey Shore.

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Catch the next new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, November 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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