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WTF Moments From Bones Season 8, Episode 8: “The But In The Joke”

Look, we love Bones with every bone in our body, but there's no denying that Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) have taken a turn for the WTF. Between the rampant cheating, the terrifying facial hair, and the fact that their baby hasn't been seen or heard from in almost a year, it's no surprise that this week's roundup is dedicated to Hodglandia. Check out the top-three WTF moments from Season 8, Episode 8 "The But in the Joke!"

1. Angela's Peanut Butter Addiction Takes A Frightening Turn

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We need to further discuss the fact that Angela kissed an albino street artist named Zed while his entire body was covered in human remains and peanut butter. As in, he was literally encased in blood, guts, maggots, brains, and nutty deliciousness. We can only assume that Angela's strange addiction to peanut butter inspired her to kiss Zed in the hopes of licking up some of the fragrant spread that surrounded him, but let's be real. We'd make out with anyone if they were covered in human remains and pizza, so we get where this girl is coming from.

We're seriously worried about The Jeffersonian. Remember back in the day when the staff used things like equipment? Now they're just like, "hey, let's roast some turkeys and slather delicious nutty spreads all over corpses!" These people need to be stopped. We know, we know, the peanut butter was supposed to help breakdown the adhesive that was stuck to Zed's body but surely there was another option. Did Hodgins really need to indulge in his strange and unusual fetishes and turn these remains into a delectable meal?

3. Angela's Art = Everything That Matters In This World

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Important things are happening in Angela's office. Apparently, when this lady isn't busy talking to her "computer" and hanging out with her "son," she spends her time painting enormous pictures of unicorns and rainbows. OMG, our favorite kind of art! Move over Zed, Angela just stepped into Lisa Frank's shoes, and it's miraculous. Basically, Angie is a Brony (bros who love My Little Pony), and we expect her to start painting pictures of Care Bears any day now.

This week something really terrifying happened on Bones, and we're not talking about the gruesome toilet murder. We're talking about Hodgins' man-jewelry. Yep, Hodge Podge sweetly covered his face with his hands during a romantic scene with Angela, and what did we spy with our traumatized eye? A gold pinkie ring. We know, we know, fear. It's only a matter of time before Hodgins shows up to the Jeffersonian in a shell necklace. Or worse, hemp.

5. Hodgins Cleans All The Toilets Ever

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Did anyone notice how gleefully Hodgins inspected all those toilets? He was like a kid in a candy shop, only instead of candy, he was fist deep in fecal matter. Not even Sweets (John Francis Daley) can help you help yourself, Hodge.

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