5 Things to Know About JWOWW’s Fiance, Roger Mathews
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Jersey Shore

5 Things to Know About JWOWW’s Fiance, Roger Mathews

JWOWW just announced her engagement to longtime beau Roger Mathews (after Wetpaint Entertainment first broke the news) and we couldn’t be happier for the couple. Since Roger isn’t quite as famous as his Jersey Shore fiancee, we decided to educate everyone on our favorite oversized gorilla. Here are five things to know about Roger.

1. He’s a truck driver
Roger earns his living as a teamster (union truck driver) for hazmat tankers. We don’t know a ton about what that involves (our specialties revolve around reality stars and celebrities) but it sure sounds manly! It’s nice to know that JWOWW settled down with a good blue-collar guy, and a union man to boot.

2. He’s 10 years older than JWOWW
Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at him, Roger is actually 37-years-old! That makes him 10 years older than our girl JWOWW, and the oldest man out of the Jersey Shore crowd. (The second oldest would by Pauly D who is 32.)

3. He loves Twitter
Roger was late to join Twitter (he only joined the social networking service a few months ago) but he has taken to it like a pro. Roger is always tweeting hilarious — and sometimes controversial — things, usually involving his new bride-to-be. Follow him on Twitter @RogerMathewsNJ.

4. He’s STD-free
While he joked about having chlamydia “four times” during an episode of Snooki & JWOWW, this big guy is 100% STD-free. “No, I never had chlamydia,” Roger tweeted back in August. “I’m a real wise ass.”

5. He’s a Mainer
While Roger lives in New Jersey with JWOWW, he actually grew up in Cherryfield, Maine. That means that the cold winters in New Jersey are nothing compared to the chilly weather he has experienced. And we bet he cooks up a mean lobster dinner!

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