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Jersey Shore

Snooki Defends Jionni’s MIA Status While She Was Pregnant – Do You Believe Her?

When Snooki was pregnant with baby Lorenzo LaValle this summer, the Jersey Shore castmates gave Jionni a hard time for not being around very much. But in this clip, Snooki explains why it might have looked that way from the other house’s perspective.

“Jionni was over once, twice a week,” she says. “They didn’t see it.”

But Ronnie and Vinny, also in the clip, defend their accusations. Ronnie says, “We didn’t see her as much,” acknowledging that maybe he just assumed when they didn’t see her, she was alone. And Vinny didn’t seem convinced by Snooki’s explanations.

“When he went to Florida, it didn’t sit well with everybody … We never saw him around,” Vinny says. Even though Snooks explains that Jionni’s week-long trip to Florida was pre-planned, “before I was pregnant,” nobody seems to forgive that.

Watch the tense clip below to see for yourself!

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