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The X Factor

Vino Alan Talks X Factor Elimination, Falling in Love, and Staying in the Game

In a shocking turn of events, The X Factor viewers and judges sent home two very talented contestants last night, November 29, 2012. First, Paige Thomas was eliminated — then Vino Alan had to sing for his life against little Diamond White. LA Reid voted to keep Vino over Diamond, but the other three judges voted Vino off the stage. Wetpaint Entertainment got a chance to speak exclusively with Vino after his elimination. Per usual, the 40-year-old soul singer bared his soul.

As a father, was it tough going up against Diamond?
Those are like my little sisters. When we were up there I realized I could go home. Actually, it didn’t set in that I would, but I wasn’t really thinking of it like that. I still love them and wanting to look after them.

Were you mad at Simon Cowell for not letting it go to a tie and rely on America’s vote?
That was weird. I asked him afterwards if I said something to upset him because that’s what instantly what happened in my brain, that I must have said something that upset him but he said no and that it is not over for me. I can’t quit music so I am ready to make some records.

That last song was out of control.
Did you feel it?

Where did that come from?
I was pleading to Demi and Britney and Simon. I was hoping LA wouldn’t send me home, but it was kind of shocking. I thought Demi would maybe. But, hey, man, you know how I have been just chill and Zen and this happened for a reason, too. I’m ready to make some records and touch all these people that have hit me up all around the world with my music.

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You seemed in shock when Simon sent you home.
Because of the feedback I have been getting from…some of the people I can’t even tell who it is because they are not supposed to tell me that I’m their favorite or I’m their family’s favorite or their mom’s favorite. Khloe wasn’t supposed to…all these different people…so I didn’t expect to go home. I had a sixth sense that I would sing today because of the song choice yesterday, but you all know my personality by now. I told you back home [I’m] the nicest guy to whoop your ass. I don’t want to freak y’all out. That is just because I was a bully’s bully. I take care of people, so just know, as friends, that can end any time. If somebody doesn’t want to talk to me, then peace out. I’m not just doing it to fluff y’all's pillow. I really dig talking to y’all and the moral of the story is I try and stay chill and Zen and positive vibes and energy. It can’t be the end.

Can you make any predictions about the rest of the season?
Man, seeing this and, I don’t mean this boisterous at all, that they cut me, I don’t know. It is anybody’s game. Cece’s in there, everybody. They cut me. I don’t know if they’ve got different ears on.

Will you move to LA?
I’ve lived here for 8 years but the last two years I’ve been on the road but we are moving in together and stuff but I am ready to go to work. I’m not going to be the guy with the umbrella in my drink. I’ve got to use this while you guys still want to know about my afterwards.

Do you have any regrets or things you wish you had done differently last night?
Probably the only reason I had any regrets is because I haven’t even shown ya’ll, I swear to you on everything, what I’ve got range wise. From screams to I play a ton of instruments, I write. So, to go out on a song that I thought was a joke right away, I don’t blame LA. I blame myself for not standing up and saying…that is the advice I would give to everybody — follow your gut. How long have we heard that? You feel it in your gut. But so much has happened. I’ve met so many people. I’ve fallen in love over the last month. This shit is real. But I am going to make records and go on tour and have great dinner with my new chef girlfriend.

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11.30.2012 / 11:05 PM EDT by Gena Oppenheim
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