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What Will Revenge’s Amanda Clarke Do If She Discovers Emily Thorne Still Loves Jack Porter?

There are plenty of treacherous townies in the Hamptons on Revenge, but one dangerous lady already has one televised murder under her belt, and a few weeks ago, she was looking to make it two. No, we’re not talking about Emily Thorne — who actually hasn’t killed anyone on-screen — but rather her juvie partner in crime, Amanda Clarke.

In the promo for next week’s episode, we see Amanda confront Emily about some “looks” the revenge queen gave during the baby Carl David’s baptism.

“I saw you at church,” Amanda said to Emily. “How you looked at Jack and me.”

Thanks to some spoiler photos from Sunday’s winter finale, “Revelations,” we know exactly what Amanda’s talking about. Emily looks on longingly as the newly-engaged couple basks in the glow of their happy family.

But if Amanda thought her family was being threatened by her jail block sis, who would she choose? Amanda’s been surprisingly loyal toward Emily, despite getting very little in return, but would that continue if she thought Emily still has feelings for her man?

Possibly, and if that’s the case, Emily better watch her back. Mason Treadwell almost got a crowbar to the head when he tried to threaten Fauxmanda’s family, and while the martial arts master can hold her own, Amanda has other ways of hurting her.

Amanda has all the details on Emily’s secret identity and plenty on her revengenda, which can cause all kinds of problems. So you best not to be eyeing her man, Ems!

Do you think Amanda would ever attack Emily? Weigh in below!

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11.30.2012 / 01:57 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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