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Jersey Shore

Which Jersey Shore Star Sold the Most at the Shore Store? The Answer Will Shock You!

Danny Merk, owner of Jersey Shore cast’s rental house and the Shore Store where they worked (well, hung out at in some cases), has spoken up about which of the six guidos and guidettes was the most financially productive of all. The answer is really surprising.

According to Danny, it was, shockingly, The Situation who proved to be his top earner.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Danny explained, “Mike is the most talented, I gotta say … He can make the most sales if I give him some kind of incentive like, he can get out an hour early if he makes this many sales … He does it like that!”

Despite his selling skills, Danny added a little bit of a caveat by admitting Sitch unfortunately “doesn’t use his powers for good.”

Also talented with the loot were JWOWW and Sammi, apparently. Turns out, those girls had a knack for ringing in the dough. “They’re like women possessed! They're like, taking money and they’re amazing at it, they’re great at it! ... It’s been four years, so everyone’s found their niche, and those two girls found their niche at the register,” said Danny.

As for the rest of the cast, Pauly D apparently liked to prank the customers by pretending to be a janitor, Ronnie was caught sneaking drinks of the spirit sauce while on the job, and Vinny was very versatile. All Danny could say about meatballs Snooki and Deena Nicole was the two had “their moments.” Did they ever!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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11.30.2012 / 09:59 PM EDT by Amanda Bell
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