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Jersey Shore

Who Is Pauly D’s Best Wingman For Meeting Girls? (Hint: It’s Not Vinny…)

Based on their on- and off-screen bromance, we would have assumed that Pauly D and Vinny are each other’s favorite wingmen. But as you’ll see in the video below, Pauly has another guy to fill those important shoes.

In describing the “good, good, good wingman,” Pauly says, “I play his wingman, he plays my wingman … It’s like a perfect match.”

Pauly even goes into the intricacies of how a good wingman operates when he’s out at the clubs and checking out girls. “A good wingman is, like, if I’m with a chick, he’ll entertain [her] friend. He’ll occupy that friend,” so Pauly can keep his eye on the prize.

Find out who the lucky guy is in the video below!

It’s Ryan Labbe! Ryan, of course, is Pauly’s friend from back home in Providence, Rhode Island. He made an appearance almost every episode in The Pauly D Project. Poor Vinny! We hope his feelings aren’t hurt.

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