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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Why Isn’t Sheree Whitfield Getting Child Support? Court Documents Reveal the Truth!

Ever since the whole child support drama with Sheree Whitfield and her ex-husband Bob began, we knew something wasn’t quite right.

How could a successful pro-football player be broke and refuse to support his children? Why was Sheree so reluctant to put his sleazy ass in jail, even after her lawyer Phaedra Parks told her last season that was the best option?

Well, according to Straight From the A, Sheree has pulled a few shady moves of her own. When the couple divorced in 2007, they were ordered to sell their house and split the proceeds. Bob was also ordered to pay Sheree $425,000 in additional cash.

Bob was supposed to pay Sheree $25,000 upfront, and pay her the remaining $400,000 after the couple sold their house and he got his share of the money. However, Sheree asked Bob to pay her $400,000 upfront so she could buy a new home for herself and the couple’s two children, and Bob agreed.

Now this is where things get sketchy. After getting the 400k from Bob, Sheree refused to move out of or pay the mortgage on the house they were supposed to sell together, and when the bank later foreclosed on the house, Bob was out 400k.

According to court documents, Sheree was admonished for her actions and has reportedly been reluctant to sue Bob for child support because she fears he will counter-sue for the $400, 000.

However, a judge recently ruled that Bob needs to start paying Sheree child support, so hopefully that'll help her out a bit!

Do you missing seeing Sheree and her baby daddy drama on RHoA?

Source: Straight From the A

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11.30.2012 / 03:05 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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