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The X Factor

X Factor Boy Band Emblem3 on Love and Saving Lives — Exclusive

It’s easy to write off X Factor group Emblem3 as just another boyband, but the three dudes keeping it cool and Cali are so much more than that. Besides making a big impression on the judges and America with their hip-pop sound, they’ve also made a difference in the lives of some of their fans. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Wes, Keaton, and Drew to talk about their performance on the November 28 show, if the Keaton dating rumors are true, and how they handle criticism.

How did you feel about your performance?
Wes: Honestly, it was a lot of hard work. We worked so hard this week learning the song. We literally played and practiced it like three times just today before going on stage. It was crazy.

How did you feel about the judges’ comments tonight?
Keaton: It wasn’t all positive. Demi and Britney said that they didn’t enjoy the song choice and they thought that we could do better on that.
Drew: I think they loved the performance. Really, anybody would because it was upbeat and super fun.

Demi Lovato was particularly harsh on you guys tonight.
Drew: She was saying that she was disappointed that we’re conforming to this more mainstream machine. I still feel like we’re not doing that. You have to understand, that’s the show. If we could, we’d be playing original songs everyday, but we can’t.
Wes: You know, we’re playing ball, but we’re doing it in our own way.

What’s the most interesting tweet you’ve gotten so far?
Keaton: This one girl tweeted and said that we saved her life.
Wes: This is super inspiring stuff. This one girl said she has tried to commit suicide several times, but after hearing our music, she’s completely stopped, she’s gotten help and she loves life.
Keaton: It’s not even our music, but what we promote. On our Twitter, we started this hashtag called “Team Inspire.” We put up positive things and try to make the world a more positive place.
Wes: I literally cried when I heard it. It was beautiful.

Are there any updates on your love life, Keaton?
Wes: He has seven girlfriends!
Keaton: I don’t have any girlfriends!

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11.30.2012 / 12:28 AM EDT by Gena Oppenheim
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