X Factor’s CeCe Frey on Singing Like Christina Aguilera: “In Your Face, Simon” — Exclusive
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The X Factor

X Factor’s CeCe Frey on Singing Like Christina Aguilera: “In Your Face, Simon” — Exclusive

CeCe Frey is our spirit animal, warrior princess, soothsayer, and chosen beacon of hope on The X Factor this season. What she lacks in judges’ praise, she makes up for tenfold in beauty, nervous giggles, and friendships made of rainbows and light. So, we were delighted to chat with the talent show hopeful exclusively about her November 28 performance of “Lady Marmalade” and what she’ll say to Simon Cowell if she gets to stick around for another week.

Wetpaint: How did you feel about your performance tonight?
Cece: I felt amazing. I felt like myself on stage, finally. I was out there having a good time and performing and entertaining, which is what I love to do. It felt great and I’m so happy with it.

How did you take the judges’ critiques tonight?
Oh, you know, the judges didn’t love it again. What a surprise?
Well, L.A. said he enjoyed the circus, which, okay, whatever. And, Simon said for me to pack a suitcase. I’m not packing a suitcase. I’m not packing a suitcase until America says that its time for me to pack a suitcase. If that’s tomorrow, then that’s tomorrow, but for now, I’m not going to start packing up just yet. You never know what could happen.

Demi didn’t have the same vision as Paige Thomas, but still supported her direction. Was Demi on the same page with what you wanted to do on stage tonight?
Yes, Demi and I definitely worked together. She was very proud of me. She actually chose the song and as soon as she chose it, I was like, “That’s it!” I definitely got to do the song that I wanted to do, so I’m thrilled.

When you decided on “Lady Marmalade” as your song, did you have any worries about being compared to the great Christina Aguilera?
Well, yeah! It’s definitely nerve-wracking because I grew up listening to Christina Aguilera and singing to her. The way that I taught myself to sing because I’ve never really been taught to sing, I would just find voices that I loved and would say, “Okay, learn to sing like them!” Christina was one of those voices. I just learned and tried to sing like her. I know that my voice probably isn’t right up there with Christina’s, but I’m working on it and regardless, that song felt like me and like a song that I would have on my album. Hopefully, if Christina sees it, she’d like it.

If you’re still here next week, what can we expect from you after hearing the judges’ critiques?
This was definitely over the top, but I don’t know. I’m always collaborating with Demi and the rest of the creative team to come up with cool, new things to do and different ways to keep people interested and excited about what I’m doing. There’s always ways that I can improve so I’ll work even harder next week, God-willing, if I'm still here.

What would you say to Simon if you make it through to the next round?
If I make it through, I will be like, “In your face, Simon!”

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