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Castle Season 5, Episode 9, “Secret Santa” Wish List: 5 Things We Hope Will Happen

Castle’s Christmas-y return Monday is all but jolly as someone dressed as Santa Claus literally falls from the sky and is found dead in the snow. Enter, Beckett and the troupes who investigate the case and discover Kris Kringle wasn’t as nice as he seemed.

We only know a few tidbits about the ep (hello, spoilers?), but what we do know is that finding Santa’s assassin won’t be the only thing messing up holiday plans for Castle and Beckett. Will Castle and Beckett be able to work things out, especially since this is their first Christmas together? We certainly hope so.

In the meantime, check out this week’s wish list for Castle Season 5, Episode 9: “Secret Santa.”

1. Castle and Beckett Cuddle Up By an Open Fire

Even with snow on the ground, Castle and Beckett cuddled up underneath a cozy blanket with warm hot chocolate definitely sizzles. Castle could reflect on how he’s happy Kate is letting him into her world, and Beckett would run her hands through Rick’s hair, all while dreaming up fantasies to experiment later. That kinda sounds like their type of holiday. The only thing that could be better would be if the bed magically moved to them.

2. Alexis and Beckett Shop For Castle

We’re still waiting for some Alexis/Beckett screen time and in what better spirit than the holidays? How awesome would it be to have Alexis bump into a frantic Beckett at the mall. Since she can’t find the perfect gift for her beau, Alexis offers to help and they end up bonding over boys and the end of Alexis’s first college semester.

Credit: Richard Cartwright /ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

3. A Snowball Fight!

In the promo, a few kids are making snow angels near the crime scene. We think it would be kind of hilarious if one of the youngsters pelts a snowball at Castle, who — because deep down he has the humor of a 7-year-old — can’t resist firing one back. Only it hits Esposito instead. This spirals into a domino effect, where everyone is throwing snowballs at everyone else. Except for Lanie — she finished her analysis awhile ago and heads inside, away from the debauchery and out of the frigid cold.

4. “A Gift Exchange to Remember?”

Hey, not our words. According to an EW interview with Castle boss, Andrew Marlowe, there will be a “gift exchange to remember.” One promo pic has Beckett showing up at Castle’s door. Maybe she saunters in awkwardly, thinking she is interrupting dinner, but Castle says that he has been waiting for her. Then he walks over to the ginormous tree in his living room, grabs a small box and hands it to Bex, as he watches her face light up. She utter something about how she has nothing to give him, to which he replies, “I have you. That’s my gift this year.” Then she’ll look up at him and tell him that she loves him.

5. Lanie and Esposito Underneath the Mistletoe

We might have squealed at the sight of Castle and Beckett caught underneath the mistletoe, but we can’t forget about Lanie and Esposito. Espo could be on his way back to the precinct with some juicy investigation details, just as Lanie is exiting the building after dropping off a present for Beckett. The elevator door opens and they realize that they’re both underneath the mistletoe. Lanie could say something along the line of, “What the heck? What’s the worst that could happen?” and lays a big one on ex, sending a rush of former feelings back. As the kiss ends, they scurry off to enjoy one more ramp round for old time's sake.

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