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How Did Emily Thorne and Ashley Davenport First Meet on Revenge?

The intricate web of relationships on Revenge is much more complicated than the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but we’ve gotten to the bottom of almost all of them at this point.

One of the most perplexing friendships was Emily Thorne and Ashley Davenport. Throughout Season 1, we were under the impression that the two met at a charity event, but that was only partially true. Yes, there was charity involved in their meeting, and yes, it was quite an event, but it definitely wasn’t a typical Hamptons black-tie affair.

Back in the day, Ashley was a lowly call girl, about to sell her body to the highest bidder until Emily swooped in to save the day. In order to score some intel on Ash’s pimp, Dmitri, Ems slipped the Brit a wad of cash and her cell phone number in exchange for vital information on his location.

The almost-hooker was incredibly thankful and helped Emily set her plan into motion, and it seems like the two kept touch throughout the years. We’re not sure if Ash knows Em’s true identity, but if she does, she’s done a great job at hiding it — especially since the two aren’t exactly friendly these days.

Are you surprised at Emily and Ashley’s secret past? Tell us below!

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12.1.2012 / 03:30 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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