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Is Jef Holm a Player?

Jef Holm came to North Carolina looking for love and marriage with Emily Maynard, but was he truly serious about settling down with one woman? There is a lot of evidence suggesting that Jef was a player before he won Emily’s heart — and that he has picked up right where he left off since they split.

We’ve defended Jef before, and we're not fully convinced this dude is sleeping with every girl he meets. But,if it walks like a player and Snapchats like a player...well, maybe it’s not exactly interested in marriage any time soon, right? And Emily’s statement following the breakup seems to back us up: “Ultimately we are just at different points in our lives.” Emily was clearly ready to settle down as a family in her hometown of Charlotte. Could it be that Jef just wasn’t ready for a quiet, domestic life with a wife and kid? All signs point to... DUH.

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First, there was the Radar Online report in September about Jef texting and meeting up with his ex. When that story broke, we wanted to believe there was a perfectly good explanation, and there still may be. Lots of exes end up as friends, and we admittedly have no idea whether Emily knew about the ex and was okay with it.

But then there’s the part where the ex said she and Jef were still together when he left for The Bachelorette. And then there was the anonymous Twitter “ex” who alleged that Jef had multiple girlfriends before, during, and after his time on the show. Let’s also not forget that Jef and Emily broke up following a hailstorm of rumors that both parties were big ol’ cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eaters.

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After the breakup, Jef seemed to waste no time at all letting the world know he was single. Within days, Jef was reportedly hitting on sorority chicks at University of Utah. Sources even said he was gloating about “the single life” and left with two students. How does that saying go? “The fastest way to get over someone is to get under two hot co-eds?” On the other hand, you could just say Jef was just trying to mend a broken heart with some sexual healin.

We’re not saying Jef was insincere when he proposed to Emily. Maybe it took being engaged and living a real life together for him to realize he wasn’t ready. But if that’s the case... dude, just own it. Proudly wear your playboy persona! It works for Chris Bukowski!

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