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Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, “Revelations” Spoilers: 10 Things We Learned From the Sneak Peeks (VIDEOS)

The winter finale of Revenge is only days away, and with it comes a slew of fresh spoilers! So read on if you dare to find out all the clues we unlocked from the sneak peeks for “Revelations.”

Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here.

1. Baby Carl David Is Getting Baptized. We’re more surprised that his mother’s allowed in church, but today’s not about the ex-stripper. It’s time to start a slow clap for baby Carl David, because he’s getting baptized, y’all! This boy needs some spiritual protection considering the company he keeps.

2. Declan Is the Godfather. We know, we know, Declan is Jack’s brother, but when Nolan was standing up at the altar, we were hoping Jack had named him the godfather. It would have been pretty adorable. Plus, what sort of spiritual advice is Declan going to provide? How to pray that you don’t drop your I.D. when you rob mansions?

3. Emily’s Middle Name Is Rebecca. OK, so we know that her real name is Amanda Clarke, but Emily Thorne has been hiding another secret name from us. Luckily, it all comes out when she says her full name at Carl’s baptism: Emily Rebecca Thorne. And hey, it’s better than Gordon Murphy.

4. Emily Still Longs For Jack. So. Much. Angst. Ems lost her childhood love to her cellblock identity swapper, and she couldn’t be more bummed. How does she channel this pent up angst? In longing glances, of course!

5. Marco Returns and Give Daniel Valuable Intel. Nolan loved Marco. Marco loved Nolan. Nolan gave half a billion dollars to the daughter of a convicted terrorist. Marco was creeped out. Now Marco’s back and working for another sexy Hamptonite Daniel Grayson. And Marco’s told Danny everything he needs to get his claws in Nolcorp.

6. Marco Didn’t Tell Daniel About Amanda. Though Marco told Daniel about the offshore account, he failed to mention who it was for. This indicates he still cares for Nolan on some level.

7. Grayson Global Now Has 51 Percent Controlling Interest in Nolcorp. Daniel is now Nolan Ross’s boss. More importantly, Nolan Ross has a boss. Say it ain’t so!

8. Ashley Doesn’t Want Aiden Involved in Grayson Global. We’re still not sure if Ashley remember Aiden from the club in 2006, who Ashley is working for, or if Ashley has a Grayson fetish and Victoria is next, but thanks to this clip, we know that she doesn’t want Aiden involved in Grayson Global. Could it just be that she wants her man to be the only one on top, or does she have other reasons?

9. Victoria Doesn’t Tell Daniel About The Initiative. Though she’s concerned for her son’s safety, Victoria can’t bring herself to tell him about The Initiative. She tries to caution Danny about the dangers ahead, but there’s little merit in her warnings when she can’t reveal any details..

10. Daniel Won’t Heed Victoria’s Warning. Oh, you think you’re grown now, huh? Daniel’s gone from a starry-eyed poet to a double-crossing, sexy-suit-wearing Wall Street stud, and nothing — not even Vicki’s bandage dresses — will keep him from that.

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