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Romantic Date Night Ideas On The Cheap!

6 nights a week, it’s all about the kids, so that one night a week that you’ve saved up for date night has to be special. Guess what? Special does NOT = expensive (well, it doesn’t have to.) Our friends at Redbook know a thing or two about spending time together, without spending everything you have. So the next time you cancel your plans to save some bucks, try one of these budget-friendly date night ideas instead.

Go To A Late, Late Show
If you love the movies and think you can stay up well past your bedtime, run out to a midnight showing of a cult movie like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The campier the picture, the more ridiculous fun you’ll have together!

Try A Fancy Shmancy Restaurant for Brunch!
Brunch menus are typically cheaper than dinner, so the Chez de blah, blah, blah that you’ve been dying to dine at will be way more affordable in the a.m. Date Bonus: Your 20-something babysitter would much rather work during the day so she can go out on Saturday night!

Take a Steamy Bath…Together!
No sitter? Who cares? After the kids are asleep (for good this time), light some candles, draw a hot bubble bath, pop some champers, and take a dip together. Hopefully we don’t have to suggest what comes next…

Have A Sexy Feast
Melt cheese or chocolate in a fondue pot and feed each other for a sexy feast neither of you will soon forget. You’ve got to hand it to the French — they’ve even made eating cheese sexy.

Give Him Your Heart
Remember your first dates in high school? So innocent and exciting! Relive your glory dates together by heading out for pizza and some not-so-teenage romance. Great Valentine’s Day Idea: Ask them to cut or bake your ‘za into the shape of a heart.

Dress Up
What’s sexier than you in stilettos and a cleavage-baring push-up bra? Not much — no matter what those men’s mags say — so amp up the vamp and hit a candlelit hotel bar for drinks and a little flirty (or dirty) convo. After all these years, it’ll be fun to turn on the flirt for the man of your dreams.

(Source: Redbook)

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12.1.2012 / 12:46 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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