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Spoiler Roundup For Revenge Season 2, Episode 9: “Revelations”

We're going back to the future (er, present) during Revenge's winter finale, and the episode promises to be a game-changer. Especially now that Baby Carl is being baptized. There's an angel among us, y'all! We've rounded up the juiciest spoilers, photos and videos to whet your appetite, so check 'em out!

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– Who Does The Bloody Hand in the “Revelations” Promo Belong To?
One of our revengey homies appears to be grasping for life in a puddle during the promo for this week's episode, and we've rounded up the Top 3 contenders!

– Will Revenge’s Victoria Grayson Kill Ashley Davenport For Sleeping With Conrad?
In the promo for Sunday’s winter finale, we see Victoria Grayson confront her former assistant, Ashley Davenport for sleeping with Connie. Next we see Victoria peering down a long barrel. Yikes, has this Hamptons matriarch been scorned one too many times?

– What Will Amanda Clarke Do If She Discovers Emily Thorne Still Loves Jack Porter?
In the promo for next week’s episode, we see Amanda confront Emily about some “looks” the revenge queen gave during the baby Carl David’s baptism. Uh oh!

– Synopsis For Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations": Emily Thorne and Aiden Mathis Challenge Daniel Grayson!
After the flashbacks in Episode 8, “Lineage,” we’ll jump to present day, but someone will be confronted with a skeleton from his past! And even better? Daniel Grayson will be facing off with a new powerful Hamptons couple.

– Revenge Season 2, Episode 9 Title Revealed!
We’ve been in the dark about Revenge Season 2, Episode 9’s title for months, but ABC finally revealed it. Drumroll, please … it’s “Revelations”!

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– Did Revenge’s Ashley Davenport Sleep With Conrad Grayson?
We'll see Conrad and Ashley engaging in a heavy makeout sesh while on top of a Grayson Global desk — all while being filmed. Tsk-tsk!

– Spoiler Photos From Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations": Why Are the Hamptonites in a Church?
It's time to put on your Sunday finest, Revengers, because one very important Hamptonite is going to the chapel. But this time there won't be any wedding bells ringing — baby Carl David Porter is getting baptized!

– More Spoiler Photos From Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations": Romances Are Heating Up in the Hamptons!
Things are heating up in the Hamptons on Revenge. Three sexy couples are feeling the love in Episode 9, "Revelations," so click through the gallery to see whose love life is about to sizzle!

– More Spoiler Photos From Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations": Intimidating Newcomers Attend Carl Porter's Baptism!
There seem to be quite a few newcomers at the baptism of baby Carl David Porter, but are all of them friends? Click through the gallery to find out!

– 6 Things We Learned About Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, “Revelations,” From the Promo
Next week’s episode is the winter finale of the hit show, so it’s guaranteed to be good. Read on to find out all of the craziness set to hit the Hamptons!

–Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Emily Thorne Stares Longingly at Amanda and Jack
Ms. Thorne puts on her Sunday best for the baptism of little CD, but managing a smile might be tough this time. After all, her childhood sweetheart now has a kid with the girl who stole her identity!

–Ashley Davenport Doesn’t Want [SPOILER] Involved in Grayson Global
In a new sneak peek we see Ashley Davenport convincing Daniel to leave Aiden out of his Grayson Global takeover plot. Is it possible she really does remember her 2006 connection to the British babe?

– Will Victoria Tell Daniel About The Initiative?
Victoria is increasingly concerned about Americon Initiative getting its claws on her prized son, and she tries to warn him in this new spoiler clip.

[SPOILER] Reveals One of Nolan’s Deepest Secrets to Daniel
In his quest to take over Nolcorp, Daniel Grayson has contacted Marco to get the skinny on the tech empire. Unfortunately, Marco tells Danny about Nolan’s offshore account that was drained for Emily....

Credit: ABC    


– Revenge Promo For Season 2, Episode 9: "Revelations"
Nolan is confronted with a skeleton from his past, and Daniel's leading role is challenged as Emily and Aiden weave their way through Grayson Global. Meanwhile, the christening of baby Carl brings new concerns to light for Jack and Declan.

– Victoria Begs Daniel to Reconsider
It's D-Day in the Hamptons, y'all, and once again, the Grayson family members are pitted against one another. To save her son, Victoria Grayson is willing to plead with him, but will Daniel listen? Watch the clip to find out!

– Emily and Jack Share a Glance in Church
In this new sneak peek, we see Emily present Carl for baptism as his loving parents embrace. However, Ems can't quite hide her longing for a life just like Fauxmanda's. Watch the clip to see what happens!

– Ashley Seduces Daniel
There's nothing Ashley Davenport likes more than rising to the top. And now that her man, Daniel Grayson, is in line to take over Grayson Global, Ash is about to get everything she wants. Watch the clip to see what happens!

– Daniel Uses Marco to Take Down Nolan
Daniel Grayson has his eyes set on obtaining Nolcorp, and he's pulling out all the stops. Danny has snagged Nolan's former CFO and boyfriend, Marco Romero, and it seems Marco has spilled more than he should have. Watch the clip to see what happens!

– 10 Things We Learned From the Sneak Peeks
The winter finale of Revenge is only days away, and with it comes a slew of fresh spoilers! So read on if you dare to find out all the clues we unlocked from the sneak peeks for “Revelations.”

Catch a new episode of Revenge on Sunday, November 11 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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