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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Baby Judith Die? Show’s Writers Want to Kill Her, But…

This is what happens when you change a baby’s name from Little Ass-Kicker to Judith. She loses her badass appeal and becomes a vulnerable mini third-grade teacher.

The Walking Dead Season 3 has seen the arrival and departure of several characters, including the death of Lori and the birth of Lori’s and … uh … someone’s daughter, Judith/Little A-K. (Judith sounds very Rick; Little A-K sounds more Shane.) It’s not easy raising a baby, period, but especially during the zombie apocalypse, without access to medical care, a steady stream of supplies, clothes, etc. Plus, babies are loud and noise attracts attention — walkers and humans.


In the original source material, both Lori and the baby died. But the TV version of the show has been very different, and showrunner Glen Mazzara isn’t sure AMC’s crowd would be up for something so “bleak” and depressing, especially on top of so many other losses. Still, a lot of people have been asking about it.

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“Every single one of my writers has asked us to kill off that baby,” Glen told the L.A. Times of the heartless people he employs. “I’m dragging my feet. [...] That baby is a victory for this group. Rick set up the mission, saying, We’re going to take this prison so that Lori has a place to give birth. And Daryl when he steps up as the leader in Rick’s absence, says, We’re going to keep this baby alive, we’re not losing any more [people]. One of the things that I’ve been very mindful of is that our group has to have victories. If they are just staying beaten up every week and there’s absolutely no win, it’s going to feel very, very bleak for the audience. That baby’s survival right now is a necessary win because otherwise it is too bleak and that’s not something I’m interested in doing. I don’t think people will tune in. They’ll tune in for an exciting horror show, but they’re not going to tune in for a very, very bleak thing that you can’t imagine these people are able to survive. I just don’t believe that the show can get that bleak.”

That sounds like a no to killing the baby, but it may turn into a yes in the future, if we need another reminder that No One Is Safe. We’d never be happy to see the death of a baby, but if they did it, it would probably make sense in this world. It depends on how they do it, though. It would probably have to be off screen. Nothing graphic.

But they could use a living Judith in some interesting plot points. Her arrival is a pretty strong argument for Woodbury — if not a Woodbury run by The Governor. All those happy, healthy people with supplies … as much as it may hurt Rick’s pride, he’d have to recognize that that’s a much nicer place to raise a family than a walker-strewn prison.

Source: L.A. Times

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