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Once Upon a Time

Does Regina Really Want to Give Up Magic on Once Upon a Time? Lana Parrilla Weighs In

Regina (Lana Parrilla) has undergone a major transformation on Once Upon a Time Season 2, turning from Evil Queen to loving mother struggling towards redemption. Is Regina only acting better to win back Henry (Jared Gilmore), or does she really want to change? Lana Parrilla recently gave TV Guide her perspective on the character.

"I think it's a choice not to use [magic]," Lana explained, adding that it's not easy to give up her power, because "she's an addict to magic, even though she hates it."

However, in Lana's view "the inner, inner deep, good person in [Regina] ... knows it's best not to use magic ... Part of me feels like she created [Storybrooke] on some level to get away from all that. That's going really deep and in a direction I don't know if we'll ever discuss, but it's something I feel."

No matter how much Regina changes, Lana says she's not sure if she'll "ever" get Henry back. "But before she gives up, I think she's going to do everything she can in staying on the sober path, of not using magic and really confronting these demons and taking responsibility for things and owning up to things and truly doing the right thing. I don't think it's a phase, I don't think it's something she's just trying out."

Of course, it's unclear how all this relates to the clip in the preview that shows Regina using magic against Emma (Jennifer Morrison). It looks like Regina doesn't stay as sober as she may mean to...

Do you like the idea of Regina staying on the path to redemption, or do you want a little more evil in this queen?

Once Upon a Time returns with brand new episodes in 2013 on ABC.

Source: TV Guide

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