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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS All-Stars Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy Play Strip Trivia, Show Off “Battle Wound” (VIDEO)

Never mind winning Dancing With the Stars All-Stars, Val Chmerkovskiy was just happy to finally get paid. He was eliminated early in his first two seasons as a competing pro, before making it all the way to the finals with Kelly Monaco on Season 15. Kelly and Val are happy with their third-place ending, and in this VH1 video they seem just fine talking about their sex appeal. Read on for highlights from the full, 8-minute vid.

"That was the point," Val said. "[We] saved the wardrobe department a lot of money." Kelly added, "I took care of the sequins and he took care of the ... nothing else." Val argued, "It's all about the woman when it comes to dancing, and I don't want to take any attention away from that." Except for when he wears a Speedo.

Did the most deserving couple win? Kelly said yes, but Val doesn't like that there's a winner, a second or a third. Everyone is a winner, he said, and he felt like they were in a competition of their own. He agreed with fellow pro Derek Hough that it's more about making YouTube videos, creating DWTS pieces that will live on after the show.

Val nabbed himself a role on Kelly’s day job, General Hospital. Kelly said the GH producers and writers saw Val with Kelly on DWTS and thought he'd be good for the show, so he got a role. Val expected to recreate himself for the show, but he looks exactly how he always looks and "my role is literally me coming in and flirting with her mom." He is the Daniel Day-Lewis of flirts!

Toward the end of the video, they played strip trivia, answering questions like "What was the name of Kelly's third-grade teacher?" and “What did Kelly have for breakfast in 1997?” Inevitably, Val had to take his shirt off. It was only a matter of time — and it allowed Kelly to point out the “battle wound” she gave him on DWTS, when she hit his chest with her heel. It was probably an innocent DWTS routine wound, but we can let our imaginations run wild, if we’d like...

Source: VH1