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Gabriel Mann Talks Revenge Season 2’s “Shocking” Deaths: “We Are in Desperate Talks” to Save Someone

We made it out of Revenge’s winter finale without any bodies to add to the death toll, but our favorites certainly aren’t out of the seaweed yet.

Actress Madeleine Stowe recently teased that we can expect “at least one,” if not “a couple” deaths this season, and it was originally reported that the downing of The Amanda would occur around Episode 14, but now, TVLine has confirmed that the explosive episode will be Episode 13.

The site recently interviewed actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) about the upcoming deaths and who might be making a permanent exit this season — and his response was a bit unsettling.

“I would say that there could be any number of bodies — we certainly have enough established characters at this point,” he said. “And The Amanda‘s a medium-sized craft, so I think she could handle any number of passengers.”

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But who? Tell us who!

“It’s actually going to be quite shocking,” Gabriel continued. “I have heard the rumors of at least one of the people who may be on that boat and all I can say is that we are in desperate talks to try and change that — even though that person is happy with it because in a sense you have to go big on a show like this. I’m really interested to see how that plays out and who truly does end up on the boat.”

Hold on, we’re attempting to regain consciousness.

If the cast is desperately trying to change this outcome, that means it’s probably a main character. Could Jack Porter actually be in jeopardy? Since we first saw that dead (married) hand in the Season 2 premiere, we’ve been convinced that Jack is safe.

But just when you think a character could be safe or happy, chances are things are about to go sour. Do you think Jack is in trouble? Weigh in below!

Source: TVLine

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