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The Walking Dead

“I Really Want People to Hate Rick”: The Walking Dead Cast Dissects Midseason Finale, “Made to Suffer” (VIDEO)


Now that you've seen The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 8 midseason finale, why not watch the actors talk about their characters' motivations in AMC's great nearly 7-minute behind-the-scenes video. Apparently Michonne is on the outs with everyone, even after getting a lot of stuff done so far this season. She almost killed The Governor and she's the only reason why they were able to save Glenn and Maggie. Don't blame her for Daryl!

In one interesting section, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) says, "I really want people to hate Rick at this point in the season. I want people to really think that I'm off the scale and lost and jeopardy is so — everything is breaking apart." Rick may be losing it, but could you really hate him?

Also, based on Laurie Holden's comments, we're thinking Andrea might step in and save Daryl from being put to death in the gladiator pit...

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12.3.2012 / 09:15 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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