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Top 10 Quotes From Revenge Season 2, Episode 9 “Revelations”: “Nobody Plays Dirtier Than The Graysons”

Revenge's winter finale is over, as is our reason for waking up in the morning. If you don't know how you'll survive these cold, dark months (otherwise known as the holidays) without a fix of Nolan's fabulous hair, fear not. The quotes from this week's thrilling and chilling episode will satiate your thirst! As will whiskey, patron, and liquid gold.

10. Victoria dishes a dirty little secret: "After my kidnapping, I developed a fondness for firearms."
Someone's gunning for Charlton Heston's seat at the NRA.

9. Nolan shows up to skeet-shooting: "Sacrificial lamb reporting for the slaughter."
Baa ram yew, Nolan.

8. Amanda worries about Jack: "Jack? What's going on?"
Jack: "Nothing. Go back to bed."
Sigh, their relationship is so romantic!

7. Nolan plots and schemes: "It’s much easier to destroy a castle from inside its walls."
Basically, he's a Trojan Man.

6. Emily muses: "Nobody plays dirtier than the Graysons."
Except for Sammy the Dog. We never trusted that canine.

5. Salvador hits on Emily: "I should come to the Hamptons more often. Beautiful women seem to fall from the sky."
Well, beautiful women, Louboutins, and men with middle-parted hair.

4. Victoria calls out Conrad for sleeping with Ashley: "You have wormed your way to the very nadir of repugnance."
Jeez, Victoria, Ashley isn't that gross.

3. Emily defends her revengenda: "I'm not destroying lives, Amanda, I’m righting wrongs."
And looking fabulous while doing so.

2. Nolan hates on Daniel: "I can't say you didn’t warn me about that tricky little bastard. Danny Boy really learned how to play dirty."
Emily: "It’s in his DNA."
Excuse you guys, the only thing coursing through Daniel's DNA is poetry.

1. Nolan eye-rolls at Aiden: "Just get your board seat back so I can pull the ripcord on my golden parachute."
He's free, free fallin'.

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