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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Top 5 RHoNJ Tweets of the Week: November 30

If there's one thing The Real Housewives of New Jersey love to do, it's run their yappers ... and we love to LOL at their random rants. Thank you, Twitter!

Check out our roundup of the top tweets of the week.

Disclaimer: We don't edit for typos.

5. Caroline Manzo : "can't even write properly! This is a public service announcement-stay away from me 4 at least 1 hour -."

Thanks for the warning!

4. Jacqueline Laurita: "Dear Santa, I want a toilet that washes & rinses selected areas (at different speeds and pulses) dries, and heats up my bum. Thank you! XOXO!"

Whatever happened to jewelry?

3. Caroline Manzo: "wonder if NJ girls could get away w/ Kenya's "home cooked" meal our boys would C right through it! gotta give a girl credit 4 trying!"

Not a chance!

2. Melissa Gorga: "Rockin my "Thank you Jesus" shirt;.) you can get them on my website! "

Talk about the perfect Christmas present!

1. Teresa Giudice: "Sorry tabloids, Joe & I are not getting divorced, now or ever! The only thing the Natl Enquirer is good for is lining a bird cage."

The lady doth protest too much?

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