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Jersey Shore

Vodka Company Sues The Situation, Accuses Him of Hiding Drug Problem

Now we really have a situation.

Earlier this month, The Situation sued Devotion Spirits for not fulfilling their end of his contract. But, according to TMZ, the protein-infused vodka company has counter-sued, alleging the Jersey Shore star is the one who didn't fulfill his end of the bargain, for reasons that include concealing an alleged drug problem, reportedly showing up late to events, constantly demanding perks for his friends, asking investors for weed, and, it's suggested, possibly doing cocaine in a bathroom during a 2011 event.

The company says The Situation's contract was terminated in March 2012, the same month he checked into rehab.

Do you have a side on this? You can't really hire a Jersey Shore star known for partying to promote your alcohol and be surprised if he doesn't act like the consummate professional.

Source: TMZ

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