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Bones Bosses on Brennan’s Mom and Pelant’s “Really Intense” Return — Exclusive

Tonight’s special 150th episode of Bones is going to be a big one, but there’s still plenty more to come later in Season 8. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Bones executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan about what's to come in the last leg of Season 8.

From the arrival of Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel), to a new Squintern, to Pelant’s “horrifying” return, here’s a look at what you can expect.

It sounds like Brennan is going through quite a lot in the next few episodes.
Stephen Nathan: We have an episode coming up when she has a near death experience and sees her mother. And that’s something she explains away through chemical reactions in the grave but there are certain things we’ll see in that episode that she can’t explain away. There are things that normal people confront and accept as mysterious, and she’s not as comfortable with the mystery as most people are. She’s going to have to learn to be.

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Who plays her mother?
Hart: Brooke Langton.

Stephen: We’ve wanted Brooke for a long time. She was available and she is absolutely terrific.

What are some of your favorite episodes coming up?
Stephen: There have been a few stories that we have wanted to do for years and the point of view one was very close to heart, and the 9/11 one. We’ve always wanted to do a Neanderthal murder, solving a murder that’s 30,000 years old, and that’s an episode coming up. We have another Pelant episode coming up that is really intense and ends with Pelant even more horrifying than he has been in the past. So that’s a pretty special episode.

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We have a new intern coming up. We’re examining — in one episode that is again, not funny — genocide. It deals with child soldiers in Africa. It’s a pretty amazing story. And then of course we have our lighter fare. They’re going undercover dancing. That’s a very popular episode.

You guys are really testing the waters. Does it feel like you can do what you want this year?
Hart: We got a nice surge of creativity and excitement and all that stuff out of putting Booth and Brennan together. That happened Season 6 and it’s working for us.

Stephen: Last year was the baby, and this year we feel like we’re in Season 2 of our series

Hart: That’s right, it’s a good thing for us. Everybody is in a good place.

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