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Chuck and Blair’s 10 Best Quotes From Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 8: “That’s When We Were on a Sex Fast”

If we were Blair (Leighton Meester), we wouldn’t spend a ton of our Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) time talking. But then again, nothing puts the zing on a zinger quite like a low growl and knowing smile. Here are some of the best Chair quotes from Season 6, Episode 8, "It's Really Complicated." (For more excellent quotes from the episode, click here.):

10. One of them is the Filene’s sale.
Blair: Four major holidays stand between Thanksgiving and her being a June bride.

9. Some girls have all the luck.
Blair to Sage: Besides, she’s Serena van der Woodsen, he’s a man. He’s probably going to go back to her anyway.

8. Blair Waldorf: Mathlete.
Blair: Well, 90% of me is sorry. 10% of me is glad I was right.

7. Just around the East River bend.
Blair: Pocahontas needs her John Smith.
Chuck: I always thought of myself as a John Rolfe kind of man.

6. Sounds like someone needs some lap time.
Chuck: The problem with putting Bart behind me is that then he can stab me in the back.

5. Raise your hand if you’re not surprised.
Sage: It’s okay, I don’t care if you watch.
Chuck: She’s a keeper, Nate

Serena: Did you know he tried to get back together with me?
Blair: You must be in 7th Heaven.

3. Now he just needs some skinnies and Wayfarers.
Blair (re: Dan): He is a self-promoting hipster weasel who’s thrown every one of his friends under the bus.

2. Is Ed Westwick referring to himself? Because we are and we do.
Chuck: My advice is to lie back and think of England.

1. Cayenne pepper not included.
Blair: He’s banished me before, but that’s when we were on a sex fast.

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12.4.2012 / 09:54 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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