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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Isn’t Speaking to Ricki’s Grandparents Due to “Major” Rift — Report

Bad news, bears. There's trouble in paradise between Bachelorette Emily Maynard and her daughter's grandparents, Rick and Linda Hendrick — who think she's prioritizing celebrity over motherhood!

"Rick and Linda were horrified by the news that Emily wants to move to California," a source tells RadarOnline. "They can't bear the thought of Ricki being that far away from them, she is the one thing that makes the pain of losing their son tolerable. They see so much of Ricky in their granddaughter, they love her to pieces and have become incredibly close to her — she keeps the memory of Ricky alive."

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The Hendrick family are also concerned that Ricki has a normal upbringing, and they worry that Emily's fame is making that impossible. In fact, Papa Rick has gone so far as to interfere at Ricki's school. "Prior to the start of the school year, Rick approached one of Ricki’s teachers and personally asked for his granddaughter's behavior to be watched, because he was deeply concerned with how Emily's choices were affecting his granddaughter and that she would start acting up," the source says. "Rick passed his contact information along with the message. He asked to be notified if and when Ricki displays any troubling warning signs."

It's understandable that Rick and Linda would be concerned about their grandchild, but ultimately Ricki's upbringing is Emily's choice. "Rick, Linda and Emily do not speak at all now, aside from having to make arrangements regarding Ricki," the source says. "They are majorly feuding and I don't see a resolution being reached anytime soon."

In fact, Rick and Linda have gone so far as accusing Emily of prioritizing her fame over being a mom. "Both Rick and Linda are concerned that Emily is putting her own thirst for fame before the best interests of her daughter."

What do you think, Bachelor Nation? Should Emily put Ricki first and stay in North Carolina, or will this little lady be just as happy in California? Hit the comments!

Source: RadarOnline