Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: How Will Meredith’s Pregnancy Affect Her Job?
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Speculation: How Will Meredith’s Pregnancy Affect Her Job?

As all Grey's Anatomy fans know by now, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are expecting a baby. We’re still swooning, but eventually Mer is going to need to consider how her very first pregnancy will affect her brand-new job as an attending at Seattle Grace-Mercy West.

Let’s review some of the ways Meredith’s career (and, therefore, her identity) might change now that baby’s on board.

Um, it won’t change anything. Before we get on anyone’s nerves, let’s consider the fact that Meredith’s pregnancy may not change a thing about her job aside from a brief maternity leave. After all, Zola hasn’t affected Mer’s work life in any major way, aside from her needing to leave Zola with other trusted doctors when she can’t find daycare. As most feminists would probably say, What’s the big deal?

Meredith might consider staying home. Having one toddler has been manageable for Meredith so far. But having two children under 3 years old is considerably more time-consuming, and means a lot more responsibility. After all these years spent building her career as the prodigy of Ellis Grey, could Meredith let go of her legacy and the expectations she imagines others have of her? Could she transition into full-time motherhood?

She might be assigned easier cases. As an attending specializing in general medicine, it’s nearly impossible for Meredith to predict what kinds of cases she’ll get every day. But as her belly gets bigger, what if Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) begin pulling her off of potentially stressful or traumatic cases, and saddling her with easier, more (for lack of a better word) boring ones. Would Mer put up with that?

Tell us how you think Mer’s pregnancy will affect her career in the comments.

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