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Holiday Pet Safety: Surprising Yuletide Hazards Endangering Your Furry Friends

Doesn't it seem like pets love the holidays as much as we do? No wonder, between the cozy fires, delicious table scraps, and extra snuggles from friends and family, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for them, too!

But with all the festivities come some hidden hazards that could spell illness or worse for your four-legged friend. The animal-loving folks over at HealthyPet put together a list of holiday-related dangers for your cat or dog.

Here are the top 3 holiday hazards that surprised us most — but for the full list head to HealthyPet.

Festive Foliage
Did you know that holly and mistletoe are actually poisonous? Poinsettias aren’t quite as toxic, but they can make your pet feel very sick. Best plan with holiday plants (as with most house plants): Keep them all out of pets reach.

Extra Visitors
Not only does the extra foot traffic mean that your pet is more likely to escape, but all the new people can mean added stress for your pets. Make sure your pets have collars and ID tags, as well as keeping older or crankier pets away from eager children they don’t know.

Lit Candles
Whether it’s a menorah or just some holiday flair, candles can spell big trouble for pets. Make sure that all lit candles are well away from tail wags, swiping paws or are atop anything that can be bumped. Anchor all candles securely — and, of course, never leave a lit candle unattended.

Source: HealthyPet

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