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How Much Does Ashley Know About Emily Thorne’s Identity? Revenge’s Ashley Madekwe Weighs In!

Is it just us, or have the last few episodes of Revenge been the Ashley Davenport show? Though this girl is despised by Revengers across the globe, we’ve been completely engrossed in her prostitute to Prada journey.

So when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with actress Ashley Madekwe at The Trevor Project in Hollywood last night, we had to ask her about her character’s relationship with Emily Thorne.

In last week’s flashback, Ash got access to Emily’s phone number and a wad of cash, but she never saw her face. Does Ashley know Emily’s identity, or even that she was the same girl who gave her an escape route?

“I’m going to say no, but then [show creator] Mike Kelley is going to make me look stupid and write it into the show!” she told us. “I’m saying no right now!”

And what about Aiden Mathis? The two were in the same nightclub, and Ashley seemed to have it out for the Brit in last night’s episode.

“Again, that isn’t something that’s been written in at the moment,” she continued. “I think that Ashley and Conrad’s storyline can show you that even if something hasn’t been written — because it wasn’t — it was never supposed to be that way; it can come at the 11th hour.”

Do you think deeper links between Ashley, Emily, and Aiden will surface, or will Ash continue to be a not-so-innocent bystander? Tell us your thoughts below!

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