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Teen Mom

Is Chelsea Houska Still Dating Adam Lind?

With the start of Teen Mom 2, we're beyond excited to check in on our favorite pack of teenage baby mamas — especially Chelsea Houska!

Girlfriend always brings the drama, and this season should be more jaw-dropping than ever. Yep, that's right, Chelsea is moving in with her deadbeat baby daddy, Adam Lind. Cue rounds of "boooo" and angry Ugg-hurling.

Chel-Chel and Adam have been dating on and off for years, but at the end of last season she rode off into the great unknown on his motorcycle and she hasn't looked back. This season, Adam gives Chelsea a promise ring and they cozy up in a love shack, but does the relationship last? Not so much …

Chelsea recently tweeted "I don't have a boyfriend," which means she and Adam are officially over! Well, for now.

It's easy to see why Chels is attracted to this dude (his facial hair is not joking around), but it's no secret that he treats her badly, and she's probably better off with someone else. Someone like Channing Tatum. Just a suggestion.

Source: Twitter

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