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Jenelle Gets Out Of Jail, Runs Straight Into Ke$ha’s Arms: Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 4: “Life Goes On”

As Barbara Evans would say, well Juhnelle, you've friggin' done it again. This Ke$ha crazed gal just can't stop getting herself into trouble, and now she's in jail thanks to smoking one too many tokes.

Luckily, Jenelle gets bailed out by some random bondswoman, but she has to come up with $1,000 and she only has a cool two hundy on her. Sigh, when will this gal's bad luck come to an end? As usual, we blame the feathers in her hair.

Jenelle's majorly peeved at Barbara for not getting her out of jail (not to mention the fact that she owes the bondswoman $800), but guys –– don't worry. Everything is going to be fine, because Jenelle can still go see Ke$ha in concert. Hip hip hooray, life is suddenly worth living again.

Unfortunately, Jenelley gets a reality check when she meets with her lawyer post-Ke$ha, and learns that her probation officer wants to lock her up for 45 days. Oh, and even worse? Jenelle gets in a screaming fight with her mom and leaves the house for good, which causes poor Jace to break down in tears.

We feel sad. Only Ke$ha can make this better.

Do you think Jenelle was right to go to the concert? Tell us below!

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12.4.2012 / 10:09 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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