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Teen Mom

Leah Meets A New Man: Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3, Episode 4: “Life Goes On”

Leah's free, free as a bird now! Yep, this gal is officially divorced from Corey Simms and his camouflage baseball hat, which means she's single and ready to mingle! And don't expect her to stay off the market for too long.

Now that Leah's starting a new chapter in her life, she's ready to flirt up a storm with hunky hillbillies, which brings us to Jeremy Calvert. This stud sends Leah a friend request on Facebook, and the rest is history! (Spoiler Alert: they get married and make babies.)

In other news, Leah's ready to take her career to the next level, and it looks like she wants to enroll in a nursing program at the University of Charleston! After all, girlfriend has had more than her fair share of experience in the medical field thanks to Baby Ali's health problems –– she's a natural fit!

Unfortunately, Leah has to take "like a test or something" (aka the ACT), but she's admitted to the nursing program despite the fact that she fails! Sure, we have some concerns about Leah sticking us with a needle, but whatever. Lady is a saint.

Are you proud of Leah?