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Gossip Girl

OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 8: Serena’s Odd Fashion Choice

It’s easy to become numb to the surprising moments in a show like Gossip Girl. But as we gather around the Thanksgiving table with the Upper East Side mafia, we’d like to take this moment to say grace for these visual and aural gifts we have been given in Season 6, Episode 8, "It's Really Complicated." Amen.

1. Serena wears an apron!
From leggings as pants to black gloves at a wedding, Serena (Blake Lively)’s fashions barely make a blip on our ridic register these days. But wouldn’t you know it, with three episodes left, the showrunners finally put Serena in something we would never expect: an apron. And not just any apron, mind you. A boring white one that clashes with her subtle fall palate. For shame.

2. Bart tells Dan his latest chapter on Serena revitalizes his faith in Dan’s generation.
There’s little that Bart Bass could say that wouldn’t make us immediately cower in fear. After all, the man has died once, been involved in more murders than we care to know about, and regularly feeds on the blood of unicorns who lost their way in the forests of Central Park. Well, we’re just assuming that last one is true, but still. The last thing we expected him to say something nice to Dan (Penn Badgley). After reading Dan’s scathing piece on Serena, Bart told him that it restored his faith in Dan’s generation of writers. Um, thanks?

3. Blair’s 7th heaven reference
Serena: Did you know he tried to get back together with me?
Blair: You must be in 7th Heaven.


It happened. We heard it. We’ve been making Matt Camden jokes in our heads for months, wondering if The WB of it all would ever be brought out of the elephant’s corner suite. And then it happened. Thank you, Gossip Girl, for not giving up on us even when we nearly gave up on you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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12.4.2012 / 10:24 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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