The Voice Top 6 Recap: Christina Aguilera Proves the Harshest Critic Despite Not Having Any Contestants
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    
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The Voice

The Voice Top 6 Recap: Christina Aguilera Proves the Harshest Critic Despite Not Having Any Contestants

The Voice Top 6 Live Rounds Recap: It’s Six-Y Time!

Ladies and gents, we’re watching a Voice first. Not only does coach Christina Aguilera have no more singers in the struggle, but we’re also down to the best six contestants arguably in The Voice’s history. And they each got to sing two whole songs — one chosen by their coach and the other all their own. That means they get two whole chances to wow America (and two whole chances to mess up in front of America.)

This episode went a little bit off the rails in the way only a live shows can, full of good old fashion sexual innuendo from Christina Milian, passive aggressive side notes from Christina Aguilera, and an under the weather Cee Lo Green, who had clearly taken an extra dose of his flu medicine before the show.

So let’s get to it!

Cassadee Pope | “Stand”

Even though Cassadee Pope hasn’t won The Voice (yet?) she’s already a No. 1 iTunes selling artist. Nailing “Stand” by Rascal Flatts, Cassadee proved once again that this isn’t her first time at the rodeo, getting the crowd to sway along with glowsticks as she transformed the country tune into a pop rock anthem.

Somehow, coach Adam Levine, who looked like the cartoon evil version of himself rocking a goatee and beard, only just liked it and wished she had moved a little further outside her comfort zone.

Meanwhile, Christina, smelling a star and left with none of her own, nominated herself to be the singer’s new “co-coach supporter,” and was all too ready to join the Cassadee Pope bandwagon, calling her a “true star.”

For her choice, Cassadee got a chance to perform her “dream song,” Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You.” While Cassadee’s colorful hair highlights are always changing , one thing that doesn’t change is this girl’s star quality. She knows her strong suits, and delivers it without fail — and this one was no different. It will be hard to beat out this vocal standout, but the remaining five were ready to try.

The Voice Top 6 Recap: Christina Aguilera Proves the Harshest Critic Despite Not Having Any Contestants
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Amanda Brown

For her coach’s choice song, Amanda Brown tackled a classic that we knew would be a homerun for her even before she hit the stage. Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” perfectly suited the powerful belter with a rock attitude, and she certainly didn’t disappoint. The judges have been expecting Amanda to bring the house down for weeks, and this performance brought the whole block to the ground.

Coach Blake Shelton had zero critiques, Cee Lo made zero sense, and an ecstatic Adam gave it a hundred. Nuff said.

Amanda’s choice of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” for her second song, getting back to those rock star roots we all know she loves. And even though the performance featured a crowd of acrobatic street dancers jumping across the stage, the only one we noticed was Amanda.

Starting off soulful and ending with that trademark high screech, she “wore a bunch of leather and went for it” as coach Adam said.

Her ability to sing everything from the Queen of Soul to Queen is the thing that will keep her in this competition, and she made a great case for herself with these performances.

Terry McDermott

We’ve know that Terry McDermott can do the high energy, laser lights rock show that would make even David Bowie proud. For his first performance though, he took coach Blake’s advice and lost the ‘80s glam in favor of a bare bones rendition of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

We guess there’s a reason Blake won last year, because he sure knows what America wants. Revealing an entirely new quality to his voice, Terry delivered a seemingly “effortless” but incredibly vulnerable version that allowed us into his head for a few bars.

Christina was repping hard for Team Blake and Adam thought that he “slayed it” telling everyone that Blake clearly had the team advantage.

For Blake’s pick this week, Terry took on Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me.” Back at home in his “pure rock and roll” wheelhouse, he immediately found his place on stage, after starting off in the audience, sailing through the fun, flirty tune.

As Cee Lo’s said time and time again, he’s definitely the “real thing.”

The Voice Top 6 Recap: Christina Aguilera Proves the Harshest Critic Despite Not Having Any Contestants
Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Trevin Hunte

We know Cee Lo is sick, so maybe we should give him a pass, but we really didn’t see why he assigned his powerhouse vocalist Trevin Hunte such a random tune like Katrina And The Waves’ “Walking On Sunshine” for his first song. Sure, it’s cute, but we’re past cute now — it’s do or die time.

But then again, like Adam said, “that is the genius of Cee Lo Green.” Trevin rose to the challenge and pulled off the fast diddy and even faster choreography, managing to get off a few great surprise notes at the same time.

Best of all, we got to see that sunshine in Trevin’s voice and personality, which even made a still sick Cee Lo stand up and shout.

And for his second go round, Trevin did the song we’ve been waiting for him to do since his flawless blind audition of Dreamgirls’ “Listen.” Tonight he chose another hit from the classic musical, singing “And I Am Telling You.” It was the epitome of Trevin’s personality — powerful, vulnerable, insecure, yet amazingly beautiful. And up there on stage, he held absolutely nothing back and literally shut the whole freaking stage down.

And good Lord, it was even better than we imagined. The vocal ability that this dude has is out of this world, and it left Christina Aguilera fanning herself for minutes after the performance and then offering to be his mentor two second later. We get it Christina, you have nothing to do.

Cee Lo was ready to end it right there, even offering a moment of silence for the other poor performers who had to follow that. And honestly, we prayed for them too.

Melanie Martinez

New York high schooler Melanie Martinez went the “I’m-going-to-sing-a-coach’s-song-differently!” route this time, choosing “Crazy” by Cee Lo. While we’ve heard this song every possible way, coach Adam told her to just go out there “Melanie-ize” it. Is that a thing now?

Looking like a modern day Alice in Wonderland on stage, the whimsical vocalist brought her signature breathy tone to the tune, making it sound like a strange “lullaby,” as Christina said.

Cee Lo appreciated the dedication, and while Adam did point out some pitch issues, he thought that her overall vibe transcended those flaws-even going so far as to say that America wanted to dress, look, and sound like her. Wow, Adam is really trying to make this “Melanie-ize” thing happen...

For the coach’s choice, Melanie took on a much fluffier tune, Lenka’s “The Show.” We get that Adam was trying to ease up on her whole “angst-y teen,” but this song and elementary school play style stage set up just reminded how much more growing up Melanie had to do-both personally and vocally.

Not helping was Melanie’s thinly veiled contempt for the choice — she was clearly not in her element as she woodenly snapped along to the song and the set literally swallowed up her already lost voice.

None of the coaches were convinced either, with Blake struggling to find her connection to it and Christina looking for her to do a slow Fiona Apple song — or maybe she just wanted to sing it herself because she proceeded to do so for an unnecessarily long time. The Lotus singer has clearly checked out.

Nicholas David

Opening and closing the show was soul singer Nicholas David. For the first coach-chosen song, Nicholas was given Earth Wind & Fire’s “September.” With Cee Lo out sick during rehearsals this week, Patrick Monahan of Train fame, was there to take up the coaching reins and offer some surprisingly helpful advice.

Nicholas is great at the R&B classics, but his trouble with the up tempo tune made it hard for him to settle into the song. But it’s hard for us to hate on a voice that is so weirdly fantastic, so we’ll consider this a rare miss for the expectant father.

While Adam is a fan of the singer’s overall vibe, even he had to admit that there was something left to be desired this time around, while Cee Lo Green just “loved and appreciated him.” OK, Cee Lo, put down the Tylenol PM.

For his choice, Nicholas went with his mother’s favorite song and Wizard of Oz anthem, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” This one hit the mark and gave us that David charm as he spun the song in a new way that left Blake with only two words: “magic” and “beautiful.”

And that’s it for tonight! What did you think of the Top 6’s double dose of tunes? Who will you be voting for? Tell us below!

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