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The Voice

The Voice’s Amanda Brown Gives Advice to Melanie Martinez, Talks Wearing Red Leather — Exclusive

Last night on The Voice, Team Adam’s Amanda Brown showcased her two strongest sides — gospel-style motown and classic rock. Starting off the night with Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman” and closing out with Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again,” Amanda lit up the stage in a blur of sequins and red leather.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the New York native on the red carpet following her performances, she spilled all of the secrets to her killer cross-genre style.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What made you choose the Aretha Franklin song?

Amanda Brown: I just wanted to do something that was a bit more soulful and in line with my roots, and there was a really great gospel piano part that we all know from Aretha’s version of it. It was soulful, and I felt like I hadn’t shown that side of me on the show, and I wanted to pay tribute to that.

Were you a little terrified because it’s such an iconic song?

I think that there’s always a little bit of nervousness when I’m approaching a song of that caliber. Everyone knows it, and not only that, Aretha is just an amazing vocalist, so there definitely is some nervousness initially, but I went up there and gave it my best and tried to put my spin on it and have fun.

Tell me about the Whitesnake song!

It was awesome! There was so much great energy onstage with the musicians and the dancers. It’s another iconic rock song that everybody knows and so, very similar to how I approached “Natural Woman,” I approached this song in the same way — I wanted to pay tribute to the original but add my own flair to it.

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Was it more fun rocking out?

They were both equally as fun, for different reasons!

How did you choose your red leather outfit for the rock song?

The first time that I saw it, I walked into the wardrobe room and they pulled this out. They were like, “What do you think of this?” and I was like, “Sold! I will wear that!” [Laughs]

It was a little bit of a downer last week when your buddy Cody Belew went home. Are you guys still in touch?

Yeah. I spoke to him today and he said, “Good luck. Kill it. I know you will. I love you.” We’re going to be friends forever. I know he’s going to go off to do amazing things, and we’ll continue to nurture our friendship.

Do you think he’ll visit the show in the next couple of weeks?

I hope that’s possible.

You love both rock and gospel. How do you go about selecting songs each week?

It’s so hard because on the kind of show of this nature, you can’t pick stuff that’s too obscure and you have to pick stuff that’s still interesting, so it’s definitely a struggle every week picking stuff that will work for this kind of show. Adam really helps me out a lot and somehow, someway, we wind up finding awesome tunes to perform. I think that the same thing’s going to happen next week — if I get to stay.

Melanie [Martinez] was saying she’s very nervous tonight. Any advice for her?

Melanie is going to be fine! I know she was a little shaky after hearing some of the comments. She’s so incredibly gifted and so talented and she’s going to go on regardless of whatever happens on the show — whether she wins or not, she’s going to go off to do amazing things and she’s going to be fine.

Do you think the comments were unfair? She had so many props to deal with!

It’s always so hard when you put yourself on the line — not only in front of these four amazing artists but in front of America — and then you immediately after your performance have to hear comments back. It’s very weird and unnatural, at least to me. I’m used to performing and going home. So it definitely is hard and I tell her to stick to her guns and do what she’s been doing. She’s so young and gifted, and she has a beautiful future in front of her.

How do you feel about tomorrow’s live results show? Confident? Nervous?

I’m a little nervous, and that’s only just because you never know what the results are going to be. The six artists on this show are incredibly talented, so it could be anybody.

Do you think Amanda could win The Voice? Weigh in below!

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