Why Chuck Bass Should Die on Gossip Girl
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Gossip Girl

Why Chuck Bass Should Die on Gossip Girl

If we could create a perfect man, he would have very few things in common with Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). Sure, he might have the same low growl and devastating stare as the dark-haired romantic lead. He would know how to tie a bow tie and would show his soft side to only the girl he loves, the friends he calls family, and the stray dog he took in.

But there is so much more to Chuck Bass and, over time, he has become less of a person and more of an archetype. He is no longer the flawed and vulnerable character he once was. Although he still holds a torch for Blair (Leighton Meester), and likely will his entire life, he has lost his perspective, and the show has lost its own right alongside him.

Let us start this off by saying we do not think he is going to die when a plane we are to believe has crashed has Chuck on board. But we’ve thought about it a great deal, and here are some reasons we think he might need to go.

Although petty rivalries and fashion shows have always reigned supreme on Gossip Girl, the thing fans care about most is the relationships. The Chuck-Blair relationship has not been treated with honesty. In the beginning, it was a lopsided lust that fueled their interactions. Chuck wanted to bed, bath, and beyond Blair in order to conquer her purity — and Blair wanted to make Nate jealous in a subconscious way.

Then, there were the abusive times when Chuck was violent or withholding or just plain mean-spirited toward her. We understand that he was struggling with his own demons, but that is not enough of a justification to absolve him of the way he treated her.

In Season 6, there has been a “pact” underlying their inability to be together: Chuck must overcome his father issues before the pair can finally walk down the aisle. This is utter bullshi*. Chuck will always find something he is struggling with and some reason to keep him apart from Blair. This is because he is not a protagonist. He is an antihero. He lacks morality and virtue. His love for Blair is not enough to overcome his deeply-seated flaws. He cannot be happy. The closest he ever came to being good was when he was with Eva, and he allowed Blair to destroy them.

With every frivolous moment, Gossip Girl has sunk further into a hole that cannot be saved. The death of Chuck Bass, arguably the show’s most popular character, would add a sense of perspective to everything that has happen and all the wrongs that cannot be undone.

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12.4.2012 / 09:06 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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