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The X Factor

Carly Rose Sonenclar vs. Tate Stevens: Who Will Win X Factor 2012?

Carly Rose Sonenclar has been a favorite on X Factor Season 2 for many fans since they first saw the 13-year-old vest-wearing Broadway alum open her cakehole and let loose a stream of insultingly pure vocals. Damn, that girl has talent. And she hasn’t slowed down a lick since then, landing on top of the heap for the past couple weeks.

But it isn’t just a rainbow’s ride to glory for the tiny teen. She has a ton of unexpected competition in Tate Stevens, the 37-year-old country-singing cowboy hat-wearer who belts out a southern-twanged tune like a pro and swings through to the top with the greatest of ease.

Now that we’re getting down to the last few shows, we’re starting to think even more about who’s going to come out of this with the five million dollars, and who’s going to have to go home knowing that it wasn’t their time yet.

Who do you think is going to win it all? Carly? Tate? Someone else entirely? Weigh in, y’all.

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I already have money on my pick.

It's too soon to tell