How Often Does Adam Lind Get to See Baby Aubree?
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How Often Does Adam Lind Get to See Baby Aubree?

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind's love connection might get a bad rap, but there's a major silver lining! Baby Aubree sees way more of her daddy dearest when he and Chels are dating, which is great for their father-daughter relationship!

"It's not like he treats her badly," Chelsea tells Suchin Pak during MTV's Teen Mom 2 after-show. "She gets to see him more and stuff when we're together, but it's definitely not good for her to be around us when we're not getting along."

Let's not forget that Chelsea has custody of Aubree, which means she gets to decide when and where Adam sees her. So, do they ever hang out when Adam and Chels are on the outs? "Definitely not as much," Chelsea says. "It makes me sad for her."

Awww, poor Aubree! This gal's papa bear should be chilling with her whether or not he's getting frisky with Chelsea. Do you think he should make more of an effort?

Source: MTV

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