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Logic Fails From Gossip Girl Season 6, Episode 8, “It’s Really Complicated”: Serena’s Thanksgiving Miracle

When it comes to a show we hold dear, we allow a certain amount of creative license when the Gossip Girl writers make show decisions. (At least they’re not singing in the streets and the hallways of school as if it’s normal, right?) But sometimes, there are little moments when we have to scratch our heads and say “Wait, what?” While there weren’t any glaring errors keeping us up at night on Season 6, Episode 8, "It's Really Complicated," we thought we’d mention a few disorienting moments that were allowed make it out of the editing room.

1. Nobody yelled... or even raised their voice
We’re all for civility in normal life, but when you A) realize your husband might be a murderer, or B) have your girlfriend invite her ex-almost-fiancé to come to dinner, more than a mere chiding may be in order. Not to mention there was an actual FACE PUNCH and yet no one EVER RAISED THEIR VOICES to anything above some sneering harshness. Does that seem weird to anyone else? We thought so.

2. Serena shops for the turkey... a couple of hours before dinner.
When it comes to a Barney’s spree, we can see Serena (Blake Lively) being the point person for shopping prowess. But picking up a turkey at the grocery store on Thanksgiving? Notsomuch. There are maids for that — like the ones who prepared the ginormous turkey S bought a couple hours before serving it, and a whole shebang of other food to the guests at the holiday late-afternoon dinner. We would like to see that magical oven please, thanks.

3. Dan’s chapters are approved without edits.
Most people who watch Gossip Girl probs don’t have a lot of large-publication writing submissions under their belts, and that’s fair. But remember when you turned in that persuasive essay on why playing Oregon Trail should count as extra credit for your history class? Remember all those red marks? Now, assume that you are writing about actual people in a magazine that could be sued if said facts are wrong. Imagine that you turned in a lengthy piece about these people to a magazine of great reputation in the morning and then got a polite phone call informing you that it was approved. Now imagine that you turned in two of those. No edits? No problems? No way.

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12.5.2012 / 01:41 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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