Melanie Martinez Talks Nerves and a Potential Fashion Line After The Voice — Exclusive
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The Voice

Melanie Martinez Talks Nerves and a Potential Fashion Line After The Voice — Exclusive

Being the youngest contestant left on The Voice Season 3, Melanie Martinez has a lot to live up to, but it’s nice to remember that she’s “just a little girl lost in the moment.”

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the soft-spoken Team Adam contestant following her two light-hearted performances on last night’s live show, and Melanie was quick to talk about her nerves and life after The Voice.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you think it went tonight?

Melanie Martinez: I think that I did the best that I could for all the crazy nerves and adrenaline going through everything. I’m really happy that I got to show two different sides to me: the really creepy and haunting side, and the really happy side that I haven’t been able to really express.

How would you evaluate your first song, “Crazy”?

I was really nervous about singing Cee Lo’s song ‘cause he’s right there watching and you’re like, “I hope I make him proud and stuff,” so I kind of had a lot of nerves and I was trying to shake them. I was like, “Get rid of it — just sing the song, you love the song.” So I did the best I could. I’m really hard on myself.

Can you talk about performing “The Show” with lots of cute props?

That was really fun! That was the most fun performance that I’ve had. I’m really excited I got to do a Lenka song. That’s not usually something people do on singing competition shows because it’s kind of obscure, and a lot of people don’t know [it] unless they’ve heard it in a commercial. I love, love, love Lenka, so I’m hoping I made her proud, too, because that’s a beautiful song and it’s definitely like the exact way that I’m feeling in this competition … I am just a little girl lost in this whole thing, and I’m just going day by day and hoping for the best.

The judges were mixed on that second song. What did you think?

I mean, I think it’s just because it was different from what I’ve been doing and it’s kind of a different side to me. It’s always weirder; it’s kind of weird to get used to and take in, so I totally understand that and I’m hard on myself, too, so everything they were saying, I knew already. So it was like, I know where I messed up — I know all that. We’re literally our toughest critics. I hope I did well enough to make it to next week.

Adam mentioned on the show tonight how your fashion sense is influencing young girls. How does that make you feel?

I think that’s really special to me, just because I know how it is to be inspired by someone and how much you really care about it and feel something in your heart. It’s not so much a mind thing, where you’re like, “I just want to dress like them.” It’s more like, “Wow, you’re doing something that other people aren’t doing, and I really respect you for that.” I respect so many artists for doing the stuff that they love and doing the things that make them individuals, and I feel like everybody just needs to be themselves.

Would you like to do your own fashion line someday?

I think that would be awesome! Yeah, maybe one day. You never know.

Is tonight the first time you’ve gone with blue hair?

Yeah! It was kind of a fun change for the Lenka song. I wanted to be happy and lighthearted, so it’s like, color! [Laughs]

Being so young, what do you channel for your performances every week?

I just think about the experiences that relate to the song — the stuff I’ve gone through, the stuff my friends have gone through, and even stuff that I can relate to and I know other people can relate to. We’re all humans and we all feel the same things, just in different ways, and I feel music is the easiest way to get to someone’s heart and really touch them.

How is Adam as a mentor?

He is very much my big bro, and I’m very thankful to have him in my life. Just to be on his team is ridiculous because he really helps me out and gives me great advice.

Are you confident going into tomorrow?

I don’t know what America is going to decide. It’s all up to America. I’m just hoping for the best.

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