Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: One Suspect Will “Hit Close to Home” For a Liar
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: One Suspect Will “Hit Close to Home” For a Liar

The Liars have already been hit hard by the "A" team on Pretty Little Liars. First Hanna (Ashley Benson) learned her best friend was "A," and it's only a matter of time until Spencer (Troian Bellisario) discovers that her boyfriend is also involved with the baddies.

Now, a new spoiler from Entertainment Weekly suggests that yet another suspect will impact one of the girls personally.

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EW reports that Ashley Benson told them that one "surprising" new suspect will "hit Hanna 'really close' to home."

Huh. Who could that be? Mona's not exactly a suspect anymore. Lucas (Brendan Robinson) is a possibility, since he and Hanna used to be close, but we wouldn't exactly call him a new or surprising suspect — the Liars have been wary of him for a while now. Remember that time Hanna pushed him into a lake because she thought he was trying to kill her?

This makes us worried that either Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) or someone from Ashley's family will fall under suspicion. We'll be devastated if Caleb or Ashley (Laura Leighton) turns out to be up to no good, but we've never liked Hanna's dad. On the other hand, Mr. Marin is hardly ever around. Hey, maybe it's Ashley's new love interest, Pastor Ted! We've never trusted that guy, and Hanna would obviously be impacted if her mom's boyfriend falls under suspicion.

What do you think this hint means?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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