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Revenge Season 2: 3 Things That Need to Happen Following Winter Hiatus

Revenge is on winter hiatus (we know, drowning in a sea of double-infinity tears), and we can't wait for its triumphant return in 2013. Assuming we survive the apocalypse, that is.

Emily Thorne and her band of insiders promise to be more entertaining than ever next year, and we've rounded up 3 things we'd love to see happen to our favorite Hamptonites when Revenge comes back from hiatus.

1. A Steamy Reunion Between Daniel And Emily
How much to we miss Daniel and Emily's tender relationship? Like, this much (holding up jumbo-sized vat of caviar). These two were adorable what with their scrapbook making and fondness for poetry, and we'd love them to jump back in the sack. We saw Spaniel kissing someone who looks remarkably like Emily in promo for Revenge's return, so lobster claws crossed that their love flame reignites!

2. Jack Learns The Truth About Amanda
Not to hate on Jack and his floppy hair, but boyfriend is really bad at sleuthing. Especially considering that all his friends majored in Plotting & Scheming 101. Jack is extremely gullible, tends to think the best of people, and happens to be engaged to former stripper/murderer. This seaman needs to find out about Fauxmanda's true identity before they walk down the aisle –– especially if it means he and Emily will have a chance at love!

3. Emily And Victoria Form an Alliance
Judging from the promo, Victoria and Emily come to some kind of agreement when Revenge returns from hiatus, and we'd love to see them team up to bring down Grayson Global. The thought of these two trolling around the Hamptons in matching black hoodies is giving us goosebumps. In other words, we got chills, they're multiplyin'.

What do you want to happen when Revenge returns? Hit the comments and dish your wildest fantasies!

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12.5.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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