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The Voice

The Voice’s Nicholas David Talks His Emotional Performance, America’s Support, and Baby Names — Exclusive

The Voice’s Nicholas David is quite an enigma. The soulful contestant surprises us week after week with interesting song choices, and we look forward to his corresponding colorful stories on the red carpet after the show.

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with him last night, he talked about his emotional performance of “Over the Rainbow,” appreciating America’s support, his Final 4 predictions, and his thoughts on baby names (his wife is due in February)!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was it like singing “Over the Rainbow”?

Nicholas David: It was fun. I was trying not to cry. I thought it was cool to do a different take — a fresh perspective on a classic tune, with some depth and memory to it. Everybody can associate some kind of memory with it, so I thought it would be cool to take that and turn it a little bit.

You said that performance was a tribute to your mom. How did she react?

She was in the audience. As I was walking out to the piano, I saw her, and that got me a little bit — I got a little choked up. I saw my godfather, my aunt, my dad, my mom, my wife. I saw all their heads and I kind of lost it.

Did you enjoy how you closed the show with that song?

Yeah, I did. I thought it was wild, but again, it was kind of coming off of that emotional thing. I don’t think I can see it yet. I’ll have to go back and watch it and see what it is.

What are your thoughts on “September”?

That was fun because it was in the vein of what America has been responding to — more that soul group type stuff — and Cee Lo picked that song. How can you not do an Earth Wind & Fire song?

You’re expecting a third child. When is your baby due?

End of February. We’re getting close!

Do you and your wife have names picked out?

We don’t know if it’s going to be a girl or a boy. We’re just kind of waiting to see what happens — remain very present and focused … Being that it’s number three, we’ve had other names on the shelf and then when the baby comes, they don’t fit on the baby, you know what I mean? The first kid was going to be a different name and it was like it fell right off, and the second one, too! We had all these lists of freaking names and [they didn’t fit].

You have to see what the child is like first, before giving a name?

Yeah. I remember reading, too, I can’t remember what country it is in Asia, but when they have the babies, they don’t let their feet touch the ground for like two months because they say it’s like the closest thing to heaven. They don’t even bother with a name that humans make — they just let it happen.

You’re one of Cee Lo’s last two contestants. Do you think you have a shot at the Final 4?

Yeah. I think we all do. It’s truly a wild ride, and to be able to be anything like that, I’m just trying to be here in the moment and enjoy it because it’s the experience of a lifetime.

Last week, Carson Daly told us he’s proud to have someone like you in this competition. Are you aware of the impact you’re having on Voice fans?

I think yes and no, because we’ve been so busy, and it’s been so involved and so many hours. We’ll do this and this and then we’re already getting ready for the next week. We’re kind of shut off and we’re supposed to keep up on some social media so we see some stuff, but again, we’re focusing on the next thing and we’re so close [to the finale].

How does it feel being saved by America every week?

Great! It warms my heart; it shakes my being.

Why do you think America continues to stand behind you?

I think maybe the message is how I make people feel. Some of the things people seem to say are that it’s really inspiring or they can relate to the story of struggling, and then rising from the struggle and standing up and following your dreams and doing that not only through speaking but through your action. I think people are craving that, looking for that, and hoping to do that themselves.

Do you think Nicholas could win The Voice? Sound off below!

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