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Jersey Shore

Vinny on His Awkward Relationship With Jionni: “I Didn’t Do Anything to Him” (VIDEO)

Both Vinny and The Situation felt awkward around Jionni LaValle over the summer, particularly at Snooki’s baby shower on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 10: “Shore Shower.” What we didn’t get to see was their private conversation outside, in which they talked out their unwillingness to apologize for hooking up with Snooks while she was going out with Jionni.

As Vinny puts it in the clip below, “I didn’t really do anything to him.” Vinny, of course, slept with Snooki during Season 4, when the castmates were filming in Florence, Italy. As for Mike, his alleged tale of Snooki giving him oral sex while she was still with Jionni were well-documented throughout Season 5.

So which of the guys should be apologizing to Jionni and trying to establish a good relationship with Snooki’s baby daddy? Neither of them, just one, or both? Watch the clip below and decide!

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