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Why Do Kenny and Nate Have It Out For The Porters on Revenge? Their Secret Connection Revealed!

Anytime a newbie hits the Revenge scene, it’s cause for alarm (and a writer’s cue to start an obituary). And from the moment we found out an assumed millionaire wanted controlling ownership in everyone’s favorite Montauk dive bar, The Stowaway, we knew there was more to Kenny Ryan and his connection to the Porter brothers.

We were first introduced to Kenny when Declan’s new bestie, Trey Chandler, convinced him to rob mansions. The Decster was pretty awful at a life of crime and managed to drop his I.D. inside the Hamptons residence.

So Kenny dropped by The Stowaway to confront Jack about Declan’s indiscretion and managed to weasel his way into helping the Porters restore the bar. Somewhere along the way, Kenny’s brother Nate stopped by and the dynamic duo has been spooking us ever since.

But do they have it out for the Porters? And if so, why? All was revealed in the flashback episode last week when we were introduced to Kenny and Nate’s father, Joe. Joe was some sort of Montauk Mafia bookie, demanding payment and threatening the families of local business owners like Carl Porter Sr.

Carl decided to pay up, but Carl’s bestie, Matt Duncan, was pissed that the “gutter rat” had put his daughter in the hospital after a planned hit-and-run outside of his house. So Matt, being a fantastic friend, snagged Carl’s gun and put some warning bullets into Joe’s chest.

Credit: STILL    

So Papa Ryan is dead (by Carl Sr.’s gun), and now that Carl has passed on, the only ones left to pay are Jack and Declan. In Sunday’s episode, Matt took a beating from the Ryan brothers after he returned for baby Carl David’s christening. Though they didn’t kill him, Matt did land in the hospital and managed to give Jack some details about the Ryans’ vendetta against his family.

Naturally, Nolan was available with some juicy dish on the con artists.

“Your buddy Nate took a page from Dad’s playbook, he just wrapped up a 5-year vacay in Rikers for drug trafficking,” Nolan told Jack. “And as for Kenny, he doesn’t own a house in Southampton, he sublets a one-bedroom in Sag Harbor.”

So poor Declan’s guilty of robbing someone else’s home? Typical.

Now Jack knows and has uncovered his father’s gun from The Amanda, but will the Ryans get their revenge? Guess you’ll have to tune in following the winter hiatus. Revenge returns on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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