5 Reasons Carly Rose Sonenclar Will Win The X Factor USA 2012
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The X Factor

5 Reasons Carly Rose Sonenclar Will Win The X Factor USA 2012

We're well into the second season of The X Factor, so it should come as no surprise that we're already setting our sights on who will win. And, to us, no one contestant stands out quite like 13-year-old songstress extraordinaire Carly Rose Sonenclar.

Why do we think she has this competition all wrapped up? Read on to find out.

5) She's 13 years old.
At 13 years old, our lives consisted mainly of two things: school and avoiding our parents. It seems that Carly Rose has put us all to shame by taking center stage in one of the world's biggest talent competitions. On top of that, she sings like she's seen it all. Her stirring rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" brought the house down. We have sweaters that are older than she is. You go, girl.

4) She started singing when she was 2.
Sure, she's 13 now, but, according to the background info offered up on X Factor, she started singing at the ripe old age of two. Yes, two. That means she's been singing for 11 years. We can't commit to anything for longer than 10.

3) She has an adorable name.
Button-cute, three-word monikers are all the rage these days. Carly Rae Jepsen, Sarah Jessica Parker... um, there are others, for sure. We just can't think of them because we're still obsessing over Carly Rose's powerhouse "It Will Rain."

2) She has nowhere to go but up.
Did we mention that Carly Rose is 13? That means she still has a lot of growing to do physically, mentally, and technically. If she's this good at this age, imagine what she could belt out in 10 years. America knows that, and if she wins X Factor, she'll have a better chance of getting the vocal training and record deals that lead to superstardom.

1) Britney Spears is her mentor.
If you're on the precipice of teenage superstardom, who better to have as your mentor than a teen pop star turned bonafide diva? Britney attain international stardom for nothing, and she's going to pass along her know-how to our future X Factor champ, Carly Rose!

Do you think Carly Rose Sonenclar has what it takes to win The X Factor?

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12.6.2012 / 07:01 AM EDT by Tim Hayne
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