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The X Factor

5 Reasons Fifth Harmony Will Win The X Factor

There is some seriously fierce competition happening on The X Factor this season. But lucky for Fifth Harmony, they’ve got an edge over some of the other X acts vying for the five million dollar prize. Why do we think they’ve got the goods to take the money and run? Here are five reasons these girls might have this thing on lock.

1. They LOVE each other. Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, and Normani Hamilton have only been a group for a couple months, but they are already showing signs of sisterhood. In fact, even though their name used to express that they love each other like sisters, now we just feel it. We feel it in their touch.

2. They have a sixth member: G.O.D. The ladies of Fifth Harmony have mad faith in the big man, and they pray like cray-cray before they play the X game. They’re not the only ones making some heavenly requests, but they’ve got five people asking, is all we’re saying.

3. They are getting better every week. Some acts have already peaked (cough Tate and Vino cough), but Fifth Harmony is on the up and up. Their harmonies are getting tighter, which is good, because with that name it would be really awkward if you couldn’t hit.

4. They have skills you don’t even know about. Up until now, the ladies of 5H (as we will now be calling them — horses and agriculture not included) have done a lot of stool-sitting. Which, you know, it’s great. We like stools. We also like how evenly spaced they often stand. But we sort of fall asleep. So, it would be a dream if they’d bust out the dancing skills they’ve been incubating. We vote “Spice Girls” week. Zig-a-zig right?

5. Simon is a genius. Simon Cowell made One Direction out of clay (like a dreidel) and that turned out pretty well, right? So, we can only imagine the things he’s done and will continue to do to make the lady version of the dream team into the superstars we know they can be.

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